Barbara A. Res is the author of ALL ALONE ON THE 68TH FLOOR: How One Woman

Changed the Face of Construction, available at Amazon and Kindle and at the book's store:

My hope is to create a dialogue in the community about how stereotypes keep women out of certain professions and jobs that are considered "men's work".  Nowhere s this more compelling than in the Construction Industry where women are underrepresented both in the trades and in the management of construction building sites.
I believe that gender stereotyping which is rooted in our society affects the choices of women who are otherwise willing, able and competent to perform in these roles.  The proof of this is that the attrition rate of women who start out in construction jobs is very high.  It is one thing to take the job, it is an entirely different thing to keep that job and endure the discrimination, intimidation and harassment that a women will encounter doing this work.  It is also, and more importantly, a great task to retain one's self identity when society dictates that women who perform men's jobs are not feminine.
I will explore the reasons and suggest solutions to the problem of getting more women into the workforce in my blog.  We owe a debt toour society to ensure that all persons are appropriately and fully employed.  Our country will be most efficient and successful when its citizenry has full employment and equal opportunity.  Today, in the construction industry, that is clearly not the case.
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